Quack Race Results

Here are the official results of the Quack Race held at Cullen Park on Friday, June 11, 2010

Place Ticket no. Winner Prize
1st 0055 Darla Ledington Toshiba 34″ flat screen HDTV
2nd 1018 Kitty Slight Wii system with Sports Resort
3rd 0645 Jolien Jacobs Point Place Curves 1 year membership
4th 1257 Gary Hawley Back to Basics 1 hour massage
5th 1952 S. Wodarski Back to Basics 1 hour massage
6th 0354 Mark Ehrenfried Aero Garden planter from Ace Hardware
7th 1867 Russ Burghardt Texture Zone – 10 tanning sessions and lotion
8th 0644 Jolien Jacobs 3ft x 5ft flag from Flag Sales and Repair
9th 1898 Shaun McNabb Outback $25 certificate
10th 0675 Paula Milkie Outback $25 certificate
11th 1463 Richard Boldt Family Video $10 certificate
12th 0368 Charles Condon J-Cups Pizza $10 certificate

Thanks to everyone who participated!

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