Legacy Community Foundation

The Legacy Community Foundation

The Legacy Community Foundation was conceived in 2005 by then Point Place Business Association president Bob Kneisley and approved by the association that year.  Jennifer Meehan is currently the president of the foundation. The foundation is tax-qualified as a section 501(c)(3) charitable entity allowing tax-deductibility for all contributions.

Mission Statement

The Legacy Community Foundation is designed to improve the quality of life in the Point Place/Shoreland areas by:

  • Providing a flexible, informed and effective means for donors to contribute to future community progress through bequests and contributions that provide “seed money” for government grants
  • Addressing the needs of our communities through efficient, prudent, high impact projects to improve living standards for all our citizens
  • Facilitating success by partnering with existing area foundations to achieve our goals

Core Values

Our Legacy Steering Committee and our Board of Directors value innovation, teamwork, excellence and integrity.

Contact information:

Legacy Community Foundation
PO Box 5074
Toledo, OH 43611

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