Season’s Greetings!

The members of the Point Place Business Association would like to wish all the residents of the Point & Shoreland Community a very Merry Christmas and a happy, prosperous New Year.  Thank you for supporting our local businesses through out the year.

The PPBA decorates the Point Place community for the holidays and throughout the year.  Unlike small towns or large cities, there is no money for decorations or flowers in our community from the city treasury.  Just like the flowers every Spring, the holiday decorations along Summit Street are provided by the Point Place Business Association.

The American flags are owned by Flags for Point Place but the holiday flags are provided by the PPBA.  Thank you to Howard Pinkley and Flags Sales and Repair for putting up the flags and holiday banners on Summit Street & Ottawa River Road.

Thank you to the Point Place & Shoreland Garden Club who do the flowers along Summit Street every Spring and the Christmas trees and wreaths during the holidays.  A special thank you to Cathy & Gary Rochte and Bob Kneisley and their crew for doing the decorations and lights at the Point Place Gateway Lighthouse.

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