Blade article about Visions for Cullen Park and NWORR

“The community action efforts of Visions for Cullen Park mesh wonderfully with efforts of the new and growing NWORR. These initiatives (Visions of Cullen Park and NWORR)  collectively are the role model, a lesson, for how individuals, communities, and arms of government — in this case local and state — can work together and get things done. All hands deserve hearty applause. Can you imagine what kind of country this might be if this example was followed all the way to Columbus and Washington, D.C., and beyond? What a contrast with the ugly, petty, polarized, political backstabbing that characterizes too much of the ways things currently are being [or not getting] done.” – Steve Pollick, of the Blade

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One thought on “Blade article about Visions for Cullen Park and NWORR”

  1. Great Article and Congratulations to Vee Stader, Gene Kidd and all involved in Visions of Cullen Park. . .
    Thanks Pastor Mike for posting the article!

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