Cash Crusade for PPE

Cash Crusade for PPE – Sponsored by the Legacy Foundation

The current pandemic has called attention to the need for communities to become directly involved to help provide support the Personal Protection Equipment, (PPE), needs of our medical personnel and first responders.  Antibody tests provide hope. A $100 donation buys 21 FDA approved N95 masks!

Tax deductible donated funds can purchase needed supplies through existing channels and local citizens can supplant their “at home time” and other support by sewing masks for neighbors to use. There are so many things we can all do to help!  Please call 419-726-9000 with your thoughts on helping. Thanks for your consideration!

Planning: (Our current goal is to support those heroes who are aiding COVID-19 victims)

Our all volunteer group and our firm has been in touch with the Toledo Lucas County Health Department, Ms. Paula Grieb, Promedica vice president of hospitals, nurse hotlines, Mr. Bill Garbe , Vice President of the Toledo Hospital Foundation and the Executive Director of the Toledo Metro Foundation concerning the current pandemic needs. All have favored the Cash Crusade concept to receive donations through our local Legacy Community Foundation. All donations will to be recorded by “GOFUNDME” and the “Pay Pal Giving Fund” app. This plan can help our local area meet many future charitable needs. We contacted Ms. Jennifer Meehan, President of the Legacy Foundation and received her approval to employ the Legacy Foundation as the conduit so that donations would be tax free. We spoke with past Point Place Business Association President Ms. Joyce Ejhinger concerning her broad informational reach on Facebook and she agreed to help with posting our community outreach effort. We invite you to do so also.

Current Status:

We have created a flyer which will also serve as a website in the near future. We have received the first early donations and hope that you will offer to contribute to this local humanitarian effort or join us in becoming involved directly in serving our neighbors .

Your local support is critical. Please join the “Cash Crusade”!

As I recall, the four strongest words in philanthropy circles are: “WHO DO YOU KNOW?” Please contact those that can sew masks or provide funds. Feel free to contact me with questions or ideas or for any reason at 419-726-9000. We want to join with you to implement your active involvement remotely. Thanks for your consideration! This can be a continuum…

Kind regards,

Bob Kneisley

Click HERE or on poster below to go to our GOFUNDME giving page.

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